408 East Main Street
Eagle Lake, TX 77434
(979) 234-7442
M-F 9 - 1 pm
Weekends 2 - 5 pm

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If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.  Pearl S. Buck

Welcome to the Prairie Edge Museum, a premier small town museum dedicated to recording and preserving local area culture and history. Established in 1983, its collections and exhibits include artifacts from natural history, Native American culture, agriculture, politics, education, military, ranching, local industry, railroad, family, and pioneer life.
Eagle Lake, in Colorado County, is at the edge of the Coastal Prairie of Texas on highway 90-A. It is 17 miles from I-10 near Sealy and Columbus, 50 miles SW of Houston near the Colorado River, and at the edge of a 1400 acre natural lake, also known as Eagle Lake. It was settled in 1857 and incorporated September, 1888.

Eagle Lake is well known for its bird life, the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Refuge, and is near the center of the goose and duck migratory flyway from Canada to Mexico. It is an agricultural and ranching area. Once famous for its sugar industry, Cane Belt Railroad, and Lake Pavilion, it is now recognized for cattle, rice production, gravel, sand, oil and gas, hunting, wildflowers, and cement manufacturing. The museum is located at 408 East Main Street next to the historic Eagle Lake Depot Museum.
Join us at the museum for a walk through history.

Our Mission

To preserve and share the history and culture of Eagle Lake, Texas and surrounding areas through our collections, publications, archives, artifacts, and educational programs.

Our Vision

To become a premier small town museum and center for education, research, and enjoyment of the roots and culture of our community and region. Support our vision with your visits, contributions, and volunteerism. Join our efforts to collect, catalog, and preserve our history for future generations.